How does it work ?

In order to create a statue of your unborn child, you will need to have a 3D ultrasound scan performed. Check the bottom of this page to find an ultrasound practice in your area. By making a 3D ultrasound at one of these practices, we will be able to create a statue for you. Have you had a 3D ultrasound elsewhere? Please send us a message at so we can check the possibilities.

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From ultrasound to statue

After having had a 3D ultrasound at one of the affiliated ultrasound practices, you will receive the pictures and a 3D data file (Cartesian Volume / .vol) on usb stick.

In our webshop, choose the desired material and size of the statue. Upload a picture and corresponding 3D data file and your statue is ordered. Are you having troubles uploading? Please send a message to, we are happy to assist.

You will receive a digital preview of the statue within 5 working days after your online order. With your approval, the statue will be produced and delivered to your home address within 10 working days after your approval.

Any questions? Please send a message to

Affiliated ultrasound practices

Baby Glimpse – Amsterdam

Baby’s World – Den Haag

Kijk Nou Es – Den Haag & Rotterdam

In order to create a 3D statue of your unborn child, we need the 3D data files created by an ultrasound machine. However, not all ultrasound machines are suitable for this. Fortunately, all our affiliated partners are equipped with the newest ultrasound machines and can therefore provide you the right files!

By having a 3D ultrasound done at one of our affiliated practices, you are assured that we will be able to create a statue for you.