About us


Our Mission

Here at NEO-print we believe that the time of pregnancy is one of the most special moments in one’s life. Therefore, it deserves something memorable and unique: something that is more special than just photos or videos. We want to create a memory for our clients which is actually tangible.

NEO-print team

The Neo-print team consists of industrial designers. In 2018 one of us, who was expecting a child at the time, came across the novelty of 3D ultrasound scanning. Through our experience with 3D printing we thought: would it be possible to physically transform a 3D ultrasound into a 3D print. After a number of months of designing, developing software and doing a lot of prototyping and testing, we were able to accurately produce a physical statue from a 3D ultrasound scan.At present we are busy with developing the statues in different colors and sizes in order to create the best and most pretty statue for our clients. 


To the Shop


We make use of the newest 3D printing methods, materials and post-processing in order to realise the most realistic statues possible.


The statue is made based on the 3D ultrasound scan of your child, so no statue will ever be the same.


After ordering your statue, we will personally contact you to check the digital preview, before we start production.