What is exactly needed to be able to order a 3D print?

Apart from your name and address, we need 2 files produced bij the ultrasound machine. The ultrasonografist wil put these on a USB stick

What kind of files are needed?

We need a .jpeg and a .vol file (Cartesian) or an .stl file. They need to be from the same picture.

Which ultrasound machines can actually export these files?

These are GE Voluson and Hitachi machines with a 3D configuration. You can always enquire at the ultasound practice if it is possible for them to produce these files.

Does my ultrasonografist know what to do?

If in doubt, a detailed step by step guide for ultrasonographists is available on our site.

What happens after I have send my files?

As soon as we receive the files, we assess them to ascertain whether they are of sufficient quality to be used for a 3D print. The .jpeg file helps us enormously in doing so. Within a few days we will let you know how long it is going to take to print your file. A few weeks is the usual time. Should it not be possible to print your file, we will let you know immediately en no charges will be made.

When is my order in place?

After we have assessed the files, we will send you a proposal based on your wishes regarding size and choice of materials. When you agree, your order will be executed as soon as payment is received. We will notify you with the approximate time it will take that you can expect the delivery of your 3D print.

Which materials are there to choose from?

Although almost all materials are possible, synthetic materials are requested most and can be finished in any RAL colour. Metals like gold, silver an platina are beautiful and very stylisch but will have a certain price tag. Synthetic material with a gold or silverlike coating are price friendly alternatives and almost indisguishable from the real thing. In the long run, however, they are more prone to wear and tear.

What are the costs?

Cost depends on choice of material and size. For instance, a 15 cm high 3D print in white synthtetic material will amount to approximately €250 and a hanger of 3 cm with a goldlike coating will be around €80 euro.

How real will my 3D print be?

The better the quality of the 3D file and 3D picture, the better and the more detailed will the 3D print be and look alike the original you saw at the ultrasonografist.


In case you want to contact us, please send us an email to: : central@neo-print.nl and we will respond asap.

What are the color options?

The colors that are applicable are: [from left to right]
White, Black, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple and Grey [Clay look]

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